Lyons High School, GA
Lyons High School, GA


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Say cheese!
Say cheese!

Linda McKinley and Carol Mosley clowning around.

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Students gathered at breezeway outside canteen, circa 1966.

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Lyons High School, GA
Lyons High School, GA


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Welcome LHS Alumni!

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Welcome to  the home page of the alumni of the original Lyons High School in Lyons, Georgia.  We offer this website free to fellow graduates and hope that each of you will help make it a success.

Although the offspring of LHS have dispersed all over the planet, this website has reunited us in one place in cyberspace and allowed us to once again walk the halls of ole LHS, meet on the breezeway, go to the canteen and catch up on the latest happenings in the lives of our classmates. We are united again!

Help spread the news.  If you know of someone who ever attended LHS at any time before it merged with Lyons Industrial High School to become Lyons Senior High School, invite them to this site to join the fun.

If you are a Facebook user, be sure to click on the Facebook link above to be taken to the Lyons High School of Lyons, Georgia group page. That's where all the alumni hang out these days!

Booster Stadium is getting a facelift

The "Pit" is going to have a different look when the football season opens with Twiggs County (Jeffersonville, Ga.) on August 23, 2019.  A major overhaul to Booster Stadium is currently underway which includes the addition of new artificial turf along with new aluminum bleachers that will replace the current cement risers.  The slopes are being removed and a wall will be built which will provide addition footage from the back of each end zone. Click here to view a few photos of the renovations.

Entire LHS Mastiffs are now online!

We have updated our website with 20 yearbooks listed below.  To view the yearbooks, click here.

Wiregrass: 1924

Annual: 1936

Leo-Lite: 1949


The years listed above are all the yearbooks that are known to have been published.  If you know of any other yearbooks that exist please contact us and we will publish it.  Woof, woof, y'all.  Enjoy!

Four from LHS inducted into the Toombs Co. Athletic Hall of Fame

The Toombs County Athletic Association recently voted to add four athletes from Lyons High School.  These exceptional four athletes are not only recognized for their accomplishments in football, but all sports that they played which included basketball, baseball, track, etc.  

Bill Alexander - Class of '52

Billy Benton - Class of '57 

Jimmy Alexander - Class of '64

J.B. Cone - Class of '67

Class of '63 celebrated their 50th reunion at Lyons Depot

On October 2, 2013, the alumni from the Class of '63 returned home and held their 50th reunion at the Lyons Depot.  Click here to to be view the photos.

Class of '67 celebrate their 50th Reunion

The Class of '67 held their 50th reunion at the First United Methodist Church in Lyons on Saturday, September 30, 2017.  Click here to view the photo gallery of the festivities.

The Class of '68 holds their 50th Reunion

The Class of '68 held their 50th class reunion at Hawk's Point in Vidalia on November 3, 2018. Also included is a photo of their 10-year class reunion and a 9th grade photo. Click here.

The Lyons Roar is here!

The Lyons Roars are here and we have gotten our paws on 30 of them.  Click here to go to The Lyons Roar page.  If you have any Lyons Roars that you can scratch up for us, we are itching to publish them!

Toombs County High School inducts 18 honorees to first TCHS Hall of Fame

On October 21, 2017, at 2:00pm in the Toombs County High School Auditorium the first class of the Toombs County High School Hall of Fame were inducted. Three coaches and 15 athletes were honored. Click here to read more about this historic event.

If you are interested in attending a Toombs County football game, then click on the "GO" button below to see the season schedule: