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The School Bell

How many of you remember the bell that used to signal the start of school, recess, lunch, end of the day, etc., before the electric bells? Well, fellow LHS Alumni, the noble lady now resides in the meeting room for the Toombs County Board of Education.

Gail Mayes Edenfield, Class of '69, took the above picture. She understood that the bell was donated by Luray Sharp, Class of '51, to the school. She called Luray on May 2, 2001 and gave this account of the conversation:

"I spoke to Luray Sharpe Reid yesterday. She says that her brother, Malone, had the bell but she wasn't sure how he came by it.

She said that one of her fondest memories of school was seeing Otis Phillips (the janitor) standing by the bell in the courtyard with his pocket watch waiting to ring it. There were no electric bells until she was in high school (1948-1951). All changing of classes was done by Otis ringing the bell.


She also remembers Otis was a fine piano player. During recess he would play jazz tunes on the baby grand piano that was on the stage in the auditorium and students would gather around to hear him. She went on to say that a couple of years ago, Otis was in the neighborhood working in someone's yard and knocked on her door. He asked if she still had a piano and could he come in and play it. She gladly let him in and although rusty at first, he did play a couple of tunes."

Wouldn't it be great to again hear Otis ring out the strong clear notes of the old school bell that guided the daily activities of so many of LHS's alumni? Thanks to Gail and Luray for helping build the above memory.

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