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Lyons High Sports Gallery


Our strong bonds can ne'er be broken,

Formed in Lyons High,

Far surpassing wealth unspoken,

Sealed by friendship ties.

Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

Deep graven on each heart,

Shall be found unwavering true,

When we from Lyons shall part.

High school days at best are passing,

Gliding swiftly by,

Let us pledge in word and deed,

Our love for Lyons High.

Bill Alexander, QB, 1951

Fred Alexander, QB, 1957

1927 Lyons High School Bulldogs

Jack Alexander, QB, 1960

Jimmy Alexander, QB, 1963

TOP: James Powell, Junior Toole, Jimmy Alexander.  BOTTOM: Regy Morrison, George Gorgon, Rusty Randall, Larry Williams

Jimmy Alexander hands off to James Powell. Notice the old press box and bleachers in the background.  This photo taken about two years before the construction on the "Pit".

1955 Homecoming Court - Jimmy Price, Pat Beecher, Vernon Kennedy, Betty Page

George Fant, HB, 1957

Nov 8, 1963...the night Lyons' QB, Jimmy "Spook" Alexander kicked a FG with less than a minute to go in the game to knock Vidalia and Hawkinsville out of a deadlocked rematch for the region championship.

1958 Football Cheerleaders: (L-R) Olivia Dismuke, Barbara Stephens, Sherrie Thompson, Mary Sue Page, Miriam Smith, Jean Phillips, Ronnie Smith, Becky Yarbrough

1964 Football Cheerleaders: (Top) Evelle Gibbs, Nancy Truax, Betty George, Jan James, Delores Thompson. (Bottom) Brenda Helms, Joan Wilkes, Cherry Boatright, Fran Pughsley

Bobby Holland, F, 1961-62

1956-57 Lady Dogs: (Top) Coach James Roberts, Dorothy McCumber, Elaine George, Audrey Williams, June Mosley, Margy Brown, Aloma Lamb.  (Bottom) Mary Sue Page, Miriam Smith, Peggy Rollins, Ronnie Smith

Miriam Smith, F, 1956-57

Charles Outler, C, 1959

1964 Region Baseball Champs: (Standing)  JTootle,  BMerritt,  DAnderson,  DGray, WGrimes, Coach JJones,  TSmith, EMiller, LWilkes, LWilliams,  JPatterson (baseball sweetheart)  (Kneeling) JGrimm, RRandall,  GGordon, JAmerson ,  JToole,  GWilkes,  RBrown, JAlexander

1957-58 Basketball: (kneeling)

W. McClain, B. Carter, B. Jones, F. Alexander,

F. Brogdon. (standing) R. Moody, G. Fant,

D. Moore, R. Landrum, G. George

1956 Region Champs:  (Front row) Coach Grizzard, HWilson, BBenton, LThompson, BKemp, FAlexander, Coach McClendon (2nd Row) FBrogdon, NShepherd, JScott, JAlexander, LLowrey, GSmith, HBrown, BJones (Back row) KNeeSmith, JTodd, RLandrum, GFant, BBurnette, AJames, SGraham, AJordan, JCollins, GMoody

Ronnie Yawn,

Class of '66, LHS most dedicated & faithful fan.

1960-61 Lady Dogs: (1st Row) BSmith, MMeeks, JKitchens, KMiller, NBryson, SEdenfield, JDismuke. (2nd Row) PWilson, EBlaxton, LKavakos, JFountain, PGorgon, Coach McLendon. (3rd Row) ECampbell, PWilkes, PTyson, PWilliamson, MSikes, WKight, RMeeks.

1959-60 Basketball Cheerleaders: Laurita Jarriel, Yvonne Meadows, Camille Holland, Betty Jean Collins, Catherine Stanley, Janice Blaxton, Carol Ann Davis, Mary Grace Wilkes.

Billy Merritt, G, 1961-62

1961 Football Cheerleaders: Janice Blaxton, Dianne Fallen, Linda Keen, Catherine Stanley, Susan Brown, Betty Jean Collins, Linda Kemp, Carol Ann Davis

Charles "Spec" Nobles

P/FB -1961

1960 Baseball: (Front row) JScott, FBrogdon, BJones, KCalhoun (Middle row) MGaney, DLanier, BCarter, DMoore (Back row) ???, MPatterson, ECollins, Coach HClifton

1964-65 Basketball: Betty George, Coach Jacky Jones, Marijon Meadows

1961-62 Basketball: (Front row) JAlexander, BHolland, JO'Neal, TJordan, RGrimm, BMerritt, LWilliams (2nd row) JSchunch, LClark, EMiller, RMorrison, JGrimm, TMerritt, (Back row) GGordon, Coach LCraft, DCarter

February 1965:  Henrietta Burke grabs a defensive rebound as Marijon Meadows and Toombs Central's Linda Parker look on.  Lyons beat state ranked and heavily favored Toombs Central that night, 43-42 in double overtime.

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