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LHS History

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The earliest date for which we have found evidence Lyons High School existed is 1902, when a teacher that the Toombs County Board of Education hired represented on his pay ledger that he had attended "Lyons High School" from 1902-1906. The teacher was Dennis D. Moore, born on 06/30/1887, and he attended back when there were only 10 or 11 grades. Click here to see the document evidencing his employment and education.


We know for sure that Lyons High School existed in 1908 and was housed in a three story building on the present site of the Toombs County Board of Education on US Hwy # 1 North. Click here to see a 1908 picture of the original LHS.

The last building known as Lyons High School burned in 1975. Click here to read about the fire.

Does that bell signal the beginning of recess? Click here to see LHS's original school bell.

Read some of the Alumni's recollections of the history of LHS by clicking here.

(Do you have pictures or memories from the early years? If so, please contact the webmaster.)

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