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LHS Beginnings

Lyons High School is believed to have existed as early as 1902. That is the first year that Dennis D. Moore listed as his "Educational Training" on a salary register maintained by the Toombs County Board of Education. In the area toward the bottom of the page beside "High School", it shows he attended "Lyons High School" from 1902 to 1906.


Mr. Moore, as of the July 30, 1935 review, had been teaching for 28 years, 2 of which had been spent teaching elementary children at the "Prime Ohoopee School" He was one of four teachers at the school, which had been open 140 days in the year this review was filed.

His compensation is a bit confusing, based solely on this document. In one place, it shows $87/year; however, ten years earlier in 1925, he was making $750/year, so $87/year seem unlikely, especially considering that typical school teachers in the 1930's era were making about $1,200/year.

Nevertheless, the value of the document is that it establishes that there was a school called "Lyons High School" that existed in 1902.

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