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The Original LHS

Education was viewed by the founders of Lyons, Georgia as a critical component of the community's future. The beautiful school building below attests to that commitment of the city founders to educating their youth. It is, as far as we know so far, the original three-story Lyons High School building. the photograph was taken around 1908, but we don't know when the building was built.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Brown, Class of '63, who provided the picture.

(Updated and corrected on April 8, 2001 after an interview with Dr. Ted Kavokos)

Dr. Ted Kavakos remembers the above building well, having attended school there. He recalls that this building sat about in the middle of the North end of the block that housed the last high school. It faced US 1 and the front extended just a little further west than the old auditorium, in effect bringing it about to where the current classroom and library sit. The camera taking the above photo would have been pointing southeast.

This building originally housed all the grades, but they later build the "Elementary School" to the right of it. This Elementary School became the last Lyons High School that we all recall so vividly.

The top floor of the above building was removed in the 30's, so many of our alumni don't remember the beautiful roof pictured above. One classmate sends in the following memories:

"... the picture of the school in 1908 is wonderful (and lovely). That building was still on campus when I was in 6, 7 and 8th grades, I think. The roof was different, must have had a fire or something. I remember a life sized skeleton standing in an upstairs science room. I don't remember ever having a class in the building, so that's why I think it must have been torn down before I entered high school in '55-'56. The building faced US 1 and the Varsity basketball team played basketball on a dirt court in front of it." 

 --- Miriam Smith, Class of '59

Wayne Smith, Class of '56, recalls that the original LHS building was torn down in 1955 to make room for what became the library, chemistry lab, administrative offices, home economics and other classrooms and now houses the offices of the Toombs County Board of Education.

I invite other classmates to submit their recollections of the above building. Please post your recollections to the bulletin board or send them to me by email.

-- Larry Griggers, Webmaster

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