Class of '67 - 50th Reunion

Class of '67 Alums: (front row) Roberta Morrison, ?, Mrs. Brown, Coach Averet, Powell Collins, Coach Mack Morrison, ? (second row) Rits Grimes, Dawn Mayo, Rosalyn Clifton Matheson, Nancy McRae, Linda Brogdon Lewis, Molly Hester, Pat Shuman, Pam Priester, Kathy Sikes, Kathy Sikes Claxton ,Gloria Branch (third row) Cornelia Palmer Richland, Kathy Clifton, Judy Dismuke, Authur Mason, William Watson, Faye Dickey, Madie Braddy, Pam Humphrey, Janice Holland, Patsy Wilds Wallace, Linda Hooks (standing) Edward Johnson, Hubert Akin, Joe Dickey, Don Patterson, Charles Holland, Johnny Smith, Mike Mulling, Bryan Odum, Gloria Kavakos Aaron, Dan Gray, Dwayne Aaron, Lindy McDonald, and Robert Garrett

Coach Morrison and Coach Avert with their ball players!!  Dan Gray, Bryan Odum, Coach Morrison, Dwayne Aaron, Hubert Akin, Mike Mulling, Robert Garrett, Coach Avret, Don Patterson, and Darryl Lewis.

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Linda Brogdon Lewis, Gloria Kavakos Aaron and Rosalyn Clifton Matheson

Dawn Mayo, Rosalyn Clifton Matheson and Kathy Clifton

Janice Holland, Rosalyn Clifton Matheson, and Patsy Wilds Wallace