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Class of '67 & '68 - 35th Reunion

The Class of '67, which regularly holds five year reunions, invited the Class of '68 to join them this year. Classmates from '68 had not had a reunion for many years and were delighted to join their upperclassmen. 

Class of '67 and teachers.

Class of '68 and teachers.

Brenda NeSmith Bryson & Rosalyn Clifton

Famous Director Ron Howard makes a surprise appearance and discusses a big movie deal with Coach Tom Avery about the Lyons High Bulldogs. Uh ... maybe that is Mike Mullins getting a "pointer" or two from his old football coach.

Coach Mac Morrison & Carey Hall

Mary Alice Krulic, Linda Brogdon and Pam Humphrey catch up on old friendships.

Keith Lewis, Wayne Underwood and Dwayne Aaron.

Mr. & Mrs. Carey Hall

Cornelia Palmer

Coach Avret, Mike Mullins and Bob Randall

Diane Tomlin & Roslyn Clifton

Diane Tomlin, Tim Page & Bob Randall

Bob Randall & Van Edenfield

Reminds us of the dances at the American Legion.

Danny Krulic & Randy Macarthur

Coach Scofield & Rhett Zorn

"I've been thinking about cutting my hair short like yours, I just can't do anything with it these days." David Anderson and Linda Griner discuss how the hair styles have changed over the years.

Robert Garrett demonstrates a secret hand signal he use to use in class to communicate with other students.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Johnson and Della Kight.

Patsy Wilds

Bob Randall & Friend

David Mosley & Rhett Zorn

Johnny Durst & ???

Della Kight, Mrs. Lindy McDonald & ???

Linda Brogdon get a train started on the dance floor.

Game films from the 60's bring back old memories of the glory days at LHS!

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