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Class of '65 - 37th Reunion

LHS alumni from all over the country converged in their home town for what has become an annual event for the Class of '65 - getting together with their classmates. (School names use throughout to aid in identification.)

On floor, left to right: Don Carter, Sue McCumbers, Linda Corbin, Marijon Meadows, Kathleen Jarrell, Linda Logan, Grace Collins. Seated, left to right, Ms. Luray Carpenter Reed (teacher), Barbara Dismuke, Marilyn Smith, Carol McDilda, Jane Jones, Elaine Braddy, Margie Hadden, Audrey Rollison, Henrietta Burke, Betty Carol Mimbs, Latrell Jarrell. Standing, left to right: Bill Harden, Cecil Garrett, Tommy Proctor, Wayne Campbell, Chip Matheson, Johnny Griggers, David Thigpen, Ronnie Blaxton, Wayne Jarrell, Kenny Burton, Don Thompson, Chris McRae, Ronnie Stewart.

David Thigpen was delighted to be there, having had some recent health issues. That is Chip Matheson on the right. At least that is what he wrote on his nametag. You know how notorious the twins were about fooling everyone as to their identity!

Wayne Campbell  was immediately put to work by the organizing crew to manage the sign-in table and name tags.

Elaine Braddy and Carol McDilda

"But Ms. Carpenter, I tell you I did not put that frog in Sue's lunch box!" Cecil Garrett tries in vain to rewrite his reputation from his biology class.

"Hey guys! We have a lot of people to feed here!" Sue McCumbers and Marijon Meadows help themselves to the great food that was being served.

The reunion organizing crew: Marijon Meadows, Don Carter, Sue McCumbers, Chris McRae, Linda Corbin and Cecil Garrett. Billy Yarbrough, one of the organizers, sent his greetings from a hospital bed in Brunswick where he was recuperating from surgery. "We hope to have a reunion every year," Don told the assembled classmates.

Johnny Griggers and Wayne Campbell catch up on old times and recall their many antics of 37 years ago.

Very little has changed about Chip Matheson over the years. He seems ageless

BettyCarol Mimbs is looking good.

"Hey Ronnie, eat too much Thanksgiving turkey, did we?" Audrey Rollison can't quite hide Ronnie's ....err.... extra luggage.

"Who are these people?" Don Thompson and Kenny Burton mull over a 1965 Mastiff to refresh their recollections.

"Ok, if any of you get out of hand and start a forest fire, there is going to be trouble," says Tommy Proctor.

"This was one of my pets!" exclaims Mrs. Carpenter (Reid). Don Carter really appreciates the compliment.

Don was really getting around and making all the guests feel right at home. Grace Collins and Audrey Rollison were really enjoying themselves.

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