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Class of '65 - 10th Reunion

In the middle of the hippy era, the Class of '65 from Lyons High School gathered for a 10-year reunion. Can you recognize those who attended their 10th Reunion in 1975? We think we have all the classmates identified, but need to identify the spouses. Thanks to those who have already responded. Send an email to the Webmaster if you can identify anyone  with ??? in the list below. We will add the names to the bottom of the photos on this page. Click on the photo to download a larger image (500K) of either photo where you can see the classmates more clearly.

The first picture below is the Class of '65. The second pictures is their spouses. We've listed our best guess of who is in the picture. Please send us any corrections or omissions.

We've grouped everyone by head height into four rows although there are actually six rows. Left to Right, Back Row: Cecil Garrett, Elaine Wright, Sally McMath, Marilyn Smith, Tim Thompson, Linda Corbin, Phillip Odom, Sue McCumbers, Chip Matheson, Karen Jarriel, John Todd, Billy Yarbrough, Grace Collins, Bill Harden, David Thigpen, Barbara Stanley and Don Thompson behind chandelier. Next to Back Row: Ronnie Blaxton, Audrey Rollison, Ronnie Stewart, Betty Hall, Johnny Griggers, Wayne Jarriel, Latrelle Jarriel, Jimmy Youmans, Terry Bryson. Next to Bottom Row: Larry Wilkes, Marijon Meadows, Chris McRae, Thelma Bowen, Betty George, Margie Hadden, Nancy Wright, Betty Carol Mimbs, Henrietta Burke, Marth Carol Williams, Annie Ruth Mosley, Elaine Braddy, Evelle Gibbs, Linda Logan, Cherry Boatright, Delaine Mayes, Joanne Toole. Bottom Row: Lloyd Stewart, Kenny Burton, Rod Wilkes, Carson Kersey, Lamar Mosley.

Spouses on top row: ??? (Betty Carol Mimbs), Ellis Martin (Audrey Rollison), Jim McDaniel (Marijon Meadows), ???, ???, Buddy Dismuke (Barbara Stanley) and Ron Wilson (Linda Corbin). Middle row: ???, Russell NeeSmith (Joanne Toole), Joyce Rollins (Ronnie Stewart), ???, Jerry Beckum (Margie Hadden), James McLain (Betty Hall), ???, and David New (Latrelle Jarriel). Bottom Row: Peggy Davis (Chip Matheson), ???, ??? (Rod Wilkes), Pam Garrett (Cecil Garrett's wife), ???, Janice Stewart (Johnny Griggers), Peggy Williamson (Chris McRae), Brenda NeeSmith (Terry Bryson), ??? (Wayne Jarriel), Alice McCullough (Lamar Mosley), Judy Rich (Carson Kersey), Zandra Morris (Jimmy Youman).

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